Step 4: CP Assessment

Church planter assessment is a great opportunity for fellow church planters, leaders, and pastors to come along side you and your wife and consider together the best possible fit for you as you prayerfully consider church planting in New Jersey.

We are as excited as you are to see what God is doing in your life! As you look at the different communities to plant in here, we are looking at what your strengths are, your growth areas, and evaluating your ability to lead, work in and lead teams, share the Gospel, teach clearly and practically from Scripture and a host of other observations.

The two-day assessment is the NJ Network Church Planting opportunity to get to know you and your spouse and to evaluate your potential as a church planter. You’ll receive honest feedback by our team in areas of strength and opportunities for growth. Each couple will need to be approved in order to move forward and have the chance to receive funding as an SBC church planter.