Step 3: Additional Steps Needed

At this point, you should have completed:

  • Step 1: Initial Church Planting Conversation
  • Step 2: Register at Mobilize Me website.

Once that is completed, you must fill out some additional surveys and tools to dig deeper into who you are and what your experience is to help you in planting a church

  • You will receive a follow-up contact from NAMB, and we will be notified of your interest. 
  • You will be directed to fill out an application and an initial assessment inventory that is free.  *You will then be asked to complete additional inventories costing approximate $100, which will be reimbursed if you are approved as a candidate. 
  • NAMB will send you links to submit references, marital and temperament inventories and a background check, after which you will be contacted by us to discuss scheduling a Church Planter Assessment Interview.
  • The Assessment Interview requires that you and your wife travel to an assessment  (will be for a field visit and 2-day interview with local church planters/missionaries/pastors who have experience planting churches and working with church planters.)At this interview, you will participate in individual interviews as well as group interactions, a sermon, and a strategy presentation.  Following the Church Planter Assessment Interview, you will be provided with an Assessment Report with strengths, growth areas, and recommendations and to define what some next steps are in the process.

Final decisions regarding recommendations for NAMB and partner church support rest with the NY/NJ Church Planting Assessment Team and NJ Church Planting Catalyst Team.

The assessment process is not intended to tell you if God is calling you to plant a church, but instead, it is designed to help the NJ Network Church Planting Team and the North American Mission Board  determine if there is potential for you to be a church planter and whether it will possible to partner with you to church plant.