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Garden State

A Cross-Cultural Mission Field in North America.

Top 5 US States by Population Density

New Jersey 1205 people per sq. mile
Rhode Island 1016 people per sq. mile
Massachusetts 852 people per sq. mile
Connecticut 741 people per sq. mile
Maryland 606 people per sq. mile

Did you know that New Jersey is the most densely populated U.S. State? It’s true! In fact there are 1,205 people per square mile.

Religious Diversity

Did you know that there are (3) Northern NJ counties with more Islamic adherents than Evangelical adherents? Southern Baptists have made great strides in the state, but there is still just (1) SBC Church per every 90,000 residents.

Many Languages

New Jersey is very linguistically diverse. Over 130 languages are spoken in the state with 84 of them spoken in one county alone!

While well-known tourist attractions and famous arenas are part of the makeup of New Jersey, they are just a fraction of the story.

New Jersey also has 9,800 farms, 130 miles of coastline and more horses per square mile than any other state!

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